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New Arrival CAB230
New Arrival  CAB230
Harga : IDR 175,550
Harga Grosir : IDR 150,550

Out Of Stock
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New Arrival  CAB230 New Arrival  CAB230 New Arrival  CAB230 New Arrival  CAB230 New Arrival  CAB230 New Arrival  CAB230

Product Description

Color: Red
Material: PU
Style: shoulder bag, handbag
Weight: 0.62KG
About size: package about the width of about 32cm about 25cm at the bottom of the upper and lower a wide 12.5cm Takeout small packet size: width 11cm up and down about 13cm
Structure: the main bag zipper seal, single shoulder strap is not demolition can not be adjusted
Bag: cell phone bags, document bags, zipper pocket
Bag: bags before a Ming bag zipper seal, there is a separate pouch

Bags are the latest factory, there may be a slight pungent odor, just hanging in the sun for two days like
Another bag pincher, as long as the bags when propped up like a few days, will not affect the